A forward-looking, innovative engineering and project management environment that shall contribute to technology development and assignment solution within green maritime projects


Marine construction or conversion, approved ISPS quay facilities, ship services with available shore power, lay-up / maintenance, after market, warehousing / logistics services.


Project management and operator services, construction, retro-fit and maintenance services towards industrial, offshore and subsea and infrastructure related clients.

About us

Trosvik Maritime AS is a Norwegian engineering, construction and consulting company established at the Trosvik bay in Brevik and bringing forward the heritage of 100 years of expertise in modern shipbuilding.

Working worldwide within the maritime and industrial sector has always resulted in a high level of expertise throughout the value chain and project development.

The basis for success has always been the owners and employees, their commitment to the company and the product, as well as the focus on high quality and loyalty to customers and partners.

Built on a long tradition Trosvik Maritime is now focused on forward-looking green technology and products within the maritime, industry, aquaculture and renewable energy sector, with environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

With our wide range of customers and partners in the green maritime industry, and being an experienced provider of engineering and production expertise, we are able to give you the service you need.

Join Us Into the Green Future!

Our services are:

  • Trosvik Engineering – Project management, purchasing  and engineering
  • Trosvik Yard – Vessel services, construction and conversion works
  • Trosvik Industri – Industry construction and maintenance projects

All our services are performed in close collaboration with our clients to make you get exactly what you need.

Our services and qualities

The transition in the marine and industry sector to a more environmentally cautious world includes the transition to new solutions developed on renewable energy.

We are committed to deliver all our services with expertise and quality to our customers requirements and where they require it. This has allowed us to secure a strong market position within the maritime sector and build long-lasting, knowledgeable and trusted relationships with our clients.


Marine design and Engineering

Trosvik Engineering has world leading experience and competence in LNG, battery technology, zero emission and energy optimization systems in the maritime, offshore, aquaculture industry sector and is developing new sustainable marine engineering solutions.

We can provide concept, basic and detailed engineering packages for your conversion or retrofit projects and offer full project management services. Purchasing, onsite and commissioning services, within the maritime industry, are also part of our field of expertise.

We have committed ourselves to contribute a fulfilment of UN sustainability goals throughout our operation and are part of the Grenland Technology Cluster.


Ship services and maritime construction

Maritime activity has always been the focus area at the Trosvik bay. Our production hall and workshops enable production of marine and industrial structures, systems or ship conversions.

Trosvik Yard can deliver concept evaluation, project management and retrofit towards modernized solutions to meet todays environmental requirements for your vessels.

We have easy accessible quaysides for all ship service purposes(24/7), like crew change, spareparts, lay-up or crane assistance, this in cooperation with our partner Risør Engineering AS (Risør Engineering

The quay areas are easy accessible, directly connected to Skagerak waters, have controlled access (ISPS) and are located in protected waters which are not exposed to strong winds and weather.


Industry construction and operator services

Trosvik Industri AS (former Eindanger Mek.) is highly competent to build a wide range of products and constructions to industry, offshore and subsea clients.

We are a cost effective, flexible organisation with highly skilled operators within steel, piping and mechanical diciplines.

We deliver a wide range of construction, assembly and maintenance services. Through our partly owned partner Dameco AS, we can provide all kind of
machining services.

ISO 9001:2015/NS-EN
ISO 3834-2:2006
EN 1090-1:2009/A1:2011

Some members of our team

We are committed to deliver services, expertise and exceptional quality that our customers require.

  • Jan Brønsten

    General Manager / Partner

  • Geir Ole Elvheim

    General Manager

  • Marcel Roumans

    Marcel Johannes Roumans

    Head of Marine Technolgy Department

  • Geir Sæther

    Geir Kristoffersen Sæther


Jan Brønsten

General Manager / Partner

Jan is a senior executive with robust industry and management experience
• Background from management roles in change management, strategy and business development.
• Relationship builder with strong track record of working in cross-functional teams
• International mindset and high cultural awareness
• Yard director at VARD Group for 12 years, whereof 7 years in Brazil.

Jan is one of the founders of Trosvik Maritime AS

Geir Ole Elvheim

General Manager

Marcel Roumans

Marcel Johannes Roumans

Head of Marine Technolgy Department

Marcel is a project manager with over 20 years experience in the maritime industry. He started his shipbuilding profession in the Netherlands and has been involved with the design and engineering of a variety of vessel types.

His experience together with leadership results in a high quality project manager to new building and conversion projects for the oil gas and wind energy industry.

Geir Sæther

Geir Kristoffersen Sæther


Geir holds a Bachelor of Marine technology and has over 19 years of experience within the maritime industry with a wide range of management positions.

He has extensive leadership experience within the field of engineering and design.

Geir is one of the founders of Trosvik Maritime AS

  • Lyudmil Sirakov

    Senior Engineer

  • Stig Martens

    Stig Martens


Lyudmil Sirakov

Senior Engineer

Stig Martens

Stig Martens


Stig has been in the industry for over 30 years and has a background as mechanical, plate and pipefitter. Last 18 years he has been involved with warehouse logistics and marine procurement coordination in several different countries like, Norway, USA, China and has been purchasing manager on 2 shipyards in Brasil.

He is also familiar with the refinery industry and DNVGL qualified for in- and external auditing.


Trosvik Maritime AS
Strømtangvegen 17c
3950 Brevik, Norway

phone: +47 35 10 16 00


Trosvik Industri AS
Industrivegen 12, 3940 Porsgrunn 

phone: +47 35 93 20 20

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