New Sustainable Solutions in the Maritime and Land-based Industry

Trosvik Maritime AS is a Norwegian-owned engineering and production grouping that consists of the subsidiaries Trosvik Engineering, Trosvik Yard and Trosvik Industri. We are located in Trosvikbukta in Brevik, by one of South-East Norway’s few and long-established shipbuilding and yard facilities. For over 100 years, modern shipbuilding has been taking place here, and it is with pride and joy that we carry this tradition and expertise with us into a greener future.

The Trosvik Group take on jobs from all over the world within the maritime and industrial sector. The foundation of our success has always been the owners’ and employees’ interest in and commitment to the company and the end product that we provide. Understanding the importance of having high level technical and process expertise, as well as loyalty to both our clients and partners, the Trosvik Group will always provide high quality and value throughout the entire value chain.

Built on long-standing traditions, Trosvik Maritime is now concerned with developing future-oriented green technology. We are working on developing new eco-friendly and sustainable solutions within sectors such as shipping, land-based industry, aqua culture industry and renewable energy.

Trosvik Maritime is an experienced supplier of engineering and production expertise and possesses an extensive network of clients and partners. This makes us a competent collaborator in new green development projects, which may contribute to making our planet a better place to live.

Join us for a greener future!


Contributing to a Greener Future

Through endurance, curiosity, humility, and responsibility, Trosvik Maritime will be an innovative industrial actor that develops new sustainable solutions for the maritime and land-based industry. Our vision is to make a difference for a greener future, which is essential in securing a sustainable development in the world.

To achieve this, we are committed to providing all our services with insight, expertise, and quality that not only meet our clients’ demands but also contribute to reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This way, we will ensure a continued strong market position and build long-lasting, knowledgeable, and reliable connections with our clients and partners.

Jan Brønsten
Group Managing Director